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Client Cases

We would love to share stories and case studies of our previous clients. Over the years, we received several several inquiries that are complicated and worth a record for future studies.

Camping Mat for German Client

Camping Sleeping Mats for German Client

In 2020, we received an inquiry from a German brand who wish to develop a new model of inflatable camping mat with us. Our client, who had the knowledge of inflatable camping mats, had never sourced them before. In this study, we will briefly introduce the cooperation with our client in this OEM inquiry.

LED Swim Buoy for French Client

LED Lighted Swim Buoy for French Client

In 2019, we received a new inquiry from one of our long-term clients in France for an order of swim buoys. In their inquiry, we were challenged with having 4 light strips in one swim buoy. In this study, we will briefly introduce how we managed to overcome this challenge in making these swim buoys.

Mochila for Chilean Client

School Mochila for Chilean Client

In 2020, we received an inquiry about 6,000 school backpacks (“mochila”) from our Chilean client who also asked us to control the budget during production. In this study, we will briefly introduce how we produced the mochila with limited cost.

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