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The Water sports gear Manufacturer that you can trust

We help you raise your brand with our swim buoys, diving fins, and SUP boards specially designed for your brand and customized with your own logo.

HoneyDryBag Supports Your Water Sports Business with Our Customized Swim Buoys, Diving Fins, Stand-up Paddle Boards, and other swimming accessories.

We focus on manufacturing equipment and accessories for water sports with customized designs and logos. Simply pick from one of our models and apply your logo and adjustments, or contact us with your own drawing or design. Minimum order quantities apply.

Swim Buoy

Swim Buoy

HoneyDryBag produces swim buoys (tow floats) with dozens varieties of models, with or without installed dry bags. You can choose one of the models from us and make your own adjustments and print your brand logo, or send us your own design and we will do the rest for you.
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Diving Fins

Diving Fin

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Stand-up Paddle Board

Stand-up Paddle Board

We use advanced injection molding technologies to manufacture our SUP boards to ensure our clients and their end customers the best experience. Send your inquiry for one of our SUP boards or for your company's own design.

Spearfishing Float


Include spearfishing floats, surface marker buoys, snorkeling accessories, pull buoys, inflatable bodyboards, training fins, etc.

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Reasons for Choosing Us


Customized Products

We offer both OEM and ODM services to fulfill the request of our clients and their businesses.

For OEM requests: You just send us the drawing, sketch, or concept of your design, and our design unit will take the work to transfer it into an achievable design so as for our production unit to fulfill it.

For ODM requests: We provide you a full list of customizable options from our existing models: color, material, logo, package, and extra features, etc.

We also offer customized packaging solutions. Feel free to discuss with us about your demand.

Capable to Manufacture

The manufacturing capability is the key factor for manufacturers. With an area of 20,000 square meters and 150 skilled workers, our factory is able to produce 120,000 products per month with qualities that reach our customers’ demands.

Our production team is equipped with a detailed and rigorous standard operating procedure from the purchase of raw materials, pre-production samples, off-line and on-line production, to inspection, packaging, and the final dispatch. You will be notified of the progress on each step of production.

We have also established a research and development (R&D) team that continues to develop new products and models.


Quality Assurance

We have a QC team of 15 experts who take the responsibility of quality. The raw materials are inspected before they enter the factory and random sampling of semi-finished items are taken during the manufacturing.

A thorough inspection is conducted with finished products, and you will be provided the inspection report. Our QC team is also responsible for delivering the samples to designated labs for examination if required.

Quality Control

DDP Delivery

Production and shipping take time, and we aim to deliver our products in time. A sample order usual takes us 7 to 10 days to produce, and a bulk order 30 to 35 days. Shipping takes another 7 to 30 days depending on the delivery method. 

To ensure that you receive your orders on time, we may suggest suitable shipping methods depending on how urgent you need your products. You may ask us to deliver door-to-door, DDP or DDU, or to your designated freight.


... And Also Aftersales and Media Support

Our aftersales team takes charge of customer feedback research and deals with complaints from our customers. They work independently from other departments to convince our clients and maximize their purchase experience.

We also provide photo and video shooting service for free. Our long-term clients are authorized to use the photos and videos we film on their websites, web pages, shops, events, etc.

Clients Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

We collected a few FAQs from our clients and listed them here. More can be found on our FAQ page. Also, feel free to chat with us via live chat (on the right bottom corner), e-mail, WhatsApp, or send us an inquiry using the form below.

For our dry bags, waterproof backpacks, fitness aqua bags, and rain barrels, the MOQ is 300 pieces. For other accessories, the MOQ is 500 pieces. (The exact MOQ for each product is also listed in the product page.)

Yes. We can print your logo on both mass products and samples. Just send your logo to us and we will show you how it looks or produce a sample with your logo if you wish (you will need to pay the sample fees in this case).

Feel free to advise us what size, color, capacity, decorations, or features you want for your product or send us your own design.

Usually, samples take 7 to 14 days to manufacture and bulk orders take 30 to 35 days. The time for shipping varies by shipping methods. We will give you an estimate of the lead time before you make your order.

We offer air, train, truck, sea, and express shipping for your orders. Our sales team will quote you the price of different shipping methods for you to compare.

We support PayPal and T/T. Further, if you have an Alibaba account, you can also pay through Alibaba Trade Assurance. The deposit is usually 30%.

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