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HoneyDryBag, OEM & ODM Triathlon and Outdoor Equipment Manufacturer

Meet the manufacturer dedicated to solving your problems in procuring waterproof bags, soft flasks, swim buoys, inflatable sleeping pads, and more.

- Our Story -

In the years of career as a foreign trade sales and factory general manager, our founder, Henry Hu, was concerned about the barriers in communication between us Chinese manufacturers and our Western clients. In order to erase the barriers caused by language, time zone, and culture, Henry began training our own sales team to better communicate with our clients.

Now, we have grown into a group with our factory, our sales team, our design team, our R&D team, our procurement team, our QC team, our logistics team, and our aftersales team working together to produce OEM and ODM products for our clients and solve the issues for them in procurement.

Sales team
Sales team

Our sales team is experienced in communication with our clients. Our consultants listen to our clients describe their demands and, with our design team, translate them into achievable designs. We proactively call our clients via Skype or WhatsApp to learn the details and clarify the unclear parts of their requests.

Our R&D team continues to develop new products, models, and processes for the company to grow. Thanks to them, our production line is updated with new production technology every year, developing new products, creating new designs and eliminating outdated ones.

Our QC team controls the quality of production. They inspect the raw materials before entering the factory, sample the semi-finished products during the production, and examine the finished products.


We aim to create a “one-stop” solution, from design to production, packaging to logistics, for our business clients with their customized demands.

We help triathlon events, running races, sports clubs, training schools, swimming races, e-commerce retailers, etc. raise their brands by supplying our products with their private label and/or custom design.

Meet Our People

Henry Hu

Founder, General Manager

Greta Liu

Sales Specialist

Maco Gao

Sales Specialist

Amanda Ren

Sales Specialist

Jason Qiu

Graphic Designer

Meet Our Clients

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2019 Dubai Trade Fair
2019 Dubai
2019 Dubai Trade Fair
2019 Dubai
2019 Poland Trade Fair
2019 Poland
2019 Poland Trade Fair
2019 Poland
2021 Ningbo Consumer Goods Fair
2021 Ningbo
2022 Indonesia Trade Fair
2022 Indonesia
2022 Asian Fashion Fair
2022 Japan

Our Certificates

High Quality Manufacturer
Alibaba Verified Supplier
Audited Supplier
Factory Audited Gold Supplier

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Hi, I am Henry Hu, General Manager of HoneyDryBag. My team and I are willing to learn the details of your inquiry, your requirements and expectations.

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