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LED Lighted Swim Buoy Customization Case from French Customer

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LED Lighted Swim Buoy Customization Case from French Customer


It was in December 2019 when a previous customer of ours from France sent an inquiry of a lighted swim buoy they once ordered from us in 2017. In the inquiry, our customer asked for several changes to the customization, including adding extra LED strips to a total of four (4).

Inquiry from French customerpic3

details of change

Inquiry from French customer


We found this request challenging, since normally it was impossible to have the weight of 4 LED strips added to the buoy: should the strips be added to the same side as the airbag, the buoy loses its buoyancy; however, if the strips are added to the other side against the airbag, when swimming the buoy will be unbalanced and flip, making the strips fall into the water and be rendered useless.

Discussion between our customer and us

Discussion between our customer and us. Words marked in red are our customer's reply.

Sample 1

Our solution came in early January, when we decided to move the airbag to the center of the swim buoy to avoid the strips falling into water. Along with this change, we made adjustment to the valve to compensate for potential loss to convenience when user inflates the airbag.

Since it was our first time in making such changes, we arranged the making of a sample to see if it really works at our own expanse. It took us a week to have our sample finished, and luckily, the sample proved our theory true.

informing customer about our sampleinforming customer about our sample finished

We informing our customer about our test sample


Further changes from our customer

Our customer, glad to see the success we made, asked if we can make further changes to our sample. They decided to remove the window on the buoy in order to make the strips even longer and the logo larger.

Customer detailing changes

Further requests from our customer. Words marked in red are from our customer. 

Customer confirms payment

After our customer confirmed all the details and paid the sample fee in late March, we started producing the second sample which was finished in mid April, and shipped it to our customer. Customer confirms sample customization and payment

Customer confirming sample customization and payment

second sample As soon as they received the second sample, our customer, delighted by the efforts we were making, decided to make a mass order of 1500 pcs with several changes.

Confirmation of sample shipment detailCustomer sending four mails in a row for mass production

Customer urgently placing order upon receiving our sample

Production & Shipment

In late June, after all the final changes had been confirmed, our customer paid the deposit, and the mass production began.

Customer paying deposit.

Customer confirms deposit 

Inflatation Test and Size Confirmation

Inflatation test during production

In late July, we heard from our factory that the products were finished, and received the inspection report which we immediately sent to our customer.

Products packedShipment arrangement and inspection report

Packaging products and arranging shipment

As our customer paid the remaining balance in late August, we shipped the products to France. They reached our customer in late September.

Customer paying balancecustomer reciving products

We highly appreciate our customer for dedicated cooperation with us. We look forward to receiving their next order soon!

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