LED Lighted Swim Buoy Customization Case

In late 2019, we received an inquiry from our previous client in France about swim buoys with 4 LED strips. In this study, we will briefly introduce how we managed to overcome the difficulties in the design. 

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In December 2019, a previous client of ours from France sent an inquiry of a lighted swim buoy they once ordered. In the inquiry, our customer asked for several changes to the customization, including adding extra LED strips to a total of four (4).

Inquiry from our client
Details of our client's request
LED Swim Buoy for French Client


We began cooperation with this client since 2017 when they came to us through Alibaba for swim buoys and waterproof phone pouches. In 2017 and 2018, we manufactured 2 orders of swim buoys with 2 LED strips for them.

The industry is competitive and we keep our clients annoymous.


The request is challenging to us, because normally it was impossible to have the weight of 4 LED strips added to the buoy:

If the strips were added to the same side as the air chamber, the buoy would lose its buoyancy; however, should the strips be added to the other side against the air chamber, when swimming the buoy would be unbalanced and flip, making the strips fall into the water and be rendered useless.

Discussion between our client and usDiscussion between our client and us. Words marked in red are our client’s reply.

In order to fulfill the requirement of our client, our production department made dozens of tests on how to arrange the strips on the buoy, and finally, we found a solution in Jan 2020.


We first decided to move the air chamber to the center of the swim buoy so that the buoy has a balanced buoyancy and the strips are avoided from falling into water. Along with this change, we made adjustment to the valve so that it penetrates the fabric on the front to compensate for the potential losee of convenience when users inflate the air chamber.

Our solution for the LED strips

In order to test if our design worked, since it was our first time to make such changes, we made a sample at our own expanses. Luckily, the sample proved our theory true.

Photos of our suggested solution

Our client, glad to see the success we made, asked if we can make further changes. We also asked our client if we could remove the phone window to make room for the four strips, to which our client agreed. We then produced a new sample and shipped it to our client, who praised after receiving it and asked as to add a flap to the strip holder in the bulk order.

Client's response to our solutionDiscussion between our client and us. Words marked in red are from our client.


The whole customization process took almost half a year from receiving the inquiry to the final order. Our client was very satisfied with our service and delighted by the efforts we made, and they decided to order 1,500 pieces of LED swim buoys. The product became popular after it was pushed to European market, and our client and us both profited quite a lot from it.

Our products packed

Yes. I want to order more because of your big effort in developing. We have to do it together! Cheers.
Client, when they decided to order 1,500 pieces

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