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Nylon Swim Buoy with Detachable Shoulder Straps

This swim buoy features a large storage compartment that keeps its user's items safe inside. Furthermore, with the shoulder straps attached, the swim buoy can function as a waterproof backpack when not swimming. 
  • Material: 0.34mm Nylon with 0.3mm PVC film
  • Volume: 35L
  • Dimension: 58cm x 32cm x 24cm
  • Net weight: 550g
  • MOQ: 500
  • S40004
  • HoneyDryBag

Swim Buoy with Storage | 190t Nylon Swim Safety Buoy


What is a swim buoy?

A swim buoy is a floating bag required for open water swimmers to ensure their safety. Its high visibility makes swimmers detactable by coming traffic and locatable when in need of rescue. Its floatability gives swimmers a hand to float and take a rest. What's more, most swim buoys also provide with a storage part to compensate for the lack of lockers in open water swimming.

Product Name Nylon Swim Buoy with Detachable Shoulder Straps                    
Material 0.34mm Nylon with 0.3mm PVC film
Dimension 75cm x 42cm (tiled)
58cm x 32cm x 24cm (inflated)
Volume 35L
Buoyancy 20kg
Net Weight 550g

PE bag

20 pcs/CTN

MOQ 500
Carton GW 14.5kg
Carton Dimension 40cm x 40cm x 35cm

Large capacity

Detachable shoulder straps

Storage compartment

Durable waist strap


A large storage compartment is used to store swimmers' personal belongings while swimming and keep what is inside dry. The user does not need to deflate the buoy before fetching the items inside.


Two strong detachable shoulder straps allow users to carry the buoy on their back easily when not swimming.


A double-layer valve completely prevents air from leaking out of the chamber and makes the buoy easier to be inflated and deflated.


We offer customization services to our products as well as OEM and ODM services. This ranges from printings on its body to combinations of features from different models, etc. You are free to put your logo, an instruction, etc. anywhere you want, and decide the color, size, extra features, etc. of the buoy. The package of your order is also customizable.

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