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Customizable Nylon Waterproof Zipper Backpack

With HoneyDryBag, you no longer have to compare among thousands of trading companies on platforms like Alibaba.
We work with you in the growth of your brand with our OEM & ODM products directly from our factory.

Customizable Nylon Waterproof Zipper Backpack

Our nylon waterproof backpack is an easy-to-use backpack suitable for people of all ages. We manufacture this zipper backpack with Your Logo to help you raise your business.

  • Color options: all Pantone colors
  • Size options: 18L by default. Contact us for customized sizes.
  • Material: 420D TPU-coated Nylon or 500D PVC-coated Tarpaulin. If you want to adjust the material or change it to others (like PVC, RPET etc.), please get in touch with us directly.
  • Custom logo/ODM: available
  • Custom design/OEM: available
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 300

Have your own design, sketch, or concept? Contact us now at [email protected] or +8613116761083 to start designing your customized waterproof backpacks.


Product NameWaterproof Zipper Backpack
Material420D TPU-Coated Nylon / 500D PVC-Coated Tarpaulin
Dimension15cm x 32cm x 48cm
Net Weight550g
Featuredouble shoulder strap, waterproof zipper, side mesh pocket

  • The material can be customized. Default options include 420D TPU-coated Nylon and 500D PVC-coated Tarpaulin.
    Waterproof Zipper Backpack Waterproof Zipper Backpack - Black
  • Your custom logo, text, and artwork can be printed on the bags or their packages.
  • The default capacity is 18 liters. Feel free to contact us directly for your customized capacities.
  • All Pantone colors are available for customization. You can also request to make it with full-print artwork or camouflage.
  • Extra functional decorations can be customized on the backpacks. We also accept manufacturing with our client’s customized design.


Q: What’s the MOQ (Minimal Order Quantity) of your products?

A: The MOQ for customized PVC Lightweight dry bag is 500. If you source our products without customization or private label for a lower MOQ, please contact us directly.

Q: Do you offer samples? How can I get your samples?

A: We can manufacture customized samples for you to inspect or send you our existing samples, both at your own expanses. (The price for our existing samples is free but you still have to pay the shipping fare.)
The sample fare will be deducted from the total fees when you make a bulk order.

Q: Do you offer customization services?

A: We offer both OEM and ODM services. Feel free to advise us what size, color, capacity, decorations, or features you want, or send us your own design, graph, or figures and we will do the rest for you.

Q: Can I have my logo on your products?

A: Yes. We can print your logo on both mass products and samples. Just send your logo to us and we will show you how it looks on the products. If you wish, we can produce a sample with your logo (you will need to pay the sample fees in this case).

Q: I have a design/figure/sketch, can you manufacture it for me?

A: As long as you reach the MOQ requirement, the answer is yes. We will first manufacture samples for you to see whether they match your demand. Until our samples reach your desire and gain your approval will we begin producing bulk products.

Q: Do you offer retail service?

A: No. We sell wholesale only.

Q: What is the lead time for my order?

A: Usually, samples take 7 to 14 days to manufacture and bulk orders take 30 to 35 days. The time for shipping varies by shipping methods. We will give you an estimate of the lead time before you make your order.

Q: What are the shipping methods that you offer?

A: We offer air, train, truck, sea, and express shipping for your orders. Our sales team will quote you the price of different shipping methods for you to compare. We will arrange all the transportation and responsibilities associated with transporting until you receive our products.
If you have agents in China, you can also ask us to deliver your products to said agents.

Q: What payment methods do you support?

A: We support PayPal and T/T. Further, if you have an Alibaba account, you can also pay through Alibaba Trade Assurance. The deposit is usually 30%.

Contact Us Now to Make an Inquiry & Get a Quote

  • Your contact information will be kept confidential.
  • We will assign one of our sales to discuss the details with you when we receive your inquiry. Please pay attention to emails with the suffix “@honey-china.com” or “@honeydrybag.com”. If you did not receive an email after 24 hours, please check your junk folder.
  • You will also receive WhatsApp messages and in some occasions phone calls from our sales team.
Customized Product


We offer both OEM and ODM customizations for our products with a wide range of options from private labeling to customized design. Feel free to let us know your desired design or specification.



We have a minimum order quantity for our customized products, which can be found in the description above. If you look for a smaller amount of our stocked products without customization, please contact directly. 

Quality Control


We assure our clients quality products with strict operation procedures in production and quality control. And our aftersales team will faithfully solve issues from our clients.

- Our Services -

Customization Service

OEM Customization

OEM Customization

We manufacture products heavily customized by the demands of our clients to support their business. Feel free to send your requirements and/or design to us, and we will study it and conduct a solution which will be then put into practice by our production team. 

ODM Customization

Not only can you let us manufacture products with your own design, but also you can choose one of our models, adjust the colors, materials, and sizes etc, modify the functional decorations if you desire, and have your brand logo printed on it. 

Sample Room
Logo Options

Private Label

We manufacture products printed with our clients’ own logos with a variety of options available. We are also able to add customized texts or patterns to the products or packages. Send us your logo if you are uncertain and our design team will show you how it looks on the products.

Package Customization

We offer a wide range of packaging options. Examples include PE bag, PVC bag, plastic box, paper box, etc. The packages can also be customized with logos, texts, and patterns from our customers.

Package Soluions

Production Capability

Sample Production
We offer existing and customized samples for our customer to test their designs and inspect our quality. Customized samples usually take about 7 days to manufacture and in-stock samples can be shipped immediately. The sample fee will be refunded when our customers make the bulk order.
Quality Control
Quality Control

We have a professional QC team that inspects raw materials, samples, semi-finished products and final products. An inspection report will be provided to our clients. If our customers have requirements for specific examinations, we will arrange for designated labs and deliver our products there for examination.

Production and Delivery
Bulk order usually takes 30 to 35 days to manufacture (longer during the Chinese New Year). We will keep our clients informed during the mass production stage. We keep track of changes in international logistics circumstances and suggest to our clients the best shipping methods depending on how urgent their orders are.
Aftersales Service

We have an aftersales team that collects feedback from our customers and deals with complaints. They work independently from other departments to convince our customers and maximize their purchase experience. Thanks to your feedback, we continuously conclude and improve our performance.

Clients Feedback

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  • Your contact information will be kept confidential.
  • We will assign one of our sales to discuss the details with you when we receive your inquiry. Please pay attention to emails with the suffix “@honey-china.com” or “@honeydrybag.com”. If you did not receive an email after 24 hours, please check your junk folder.
  • You will also receive WhatsApp messages and in some occasions phone calls from our sales team.



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