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Swim Buoy (Tow Float)

Open water swimming is growing popular among swimming lovers, but it could be dangerous if the swimmers are not clearly visible to oncoming traffic. What's worse, swimmers may not get timely help if they cramp or face dangerous situations.

Luckily, a swim buoy solves all the problems above. Also known as a tow float, a swim buoy is a floating bag with a bright color that provides visibility to nearby vehicles and swimmers. It can also be gripped by its user should they need to take a rest. The buoy itself also pulls little drag and takes up little space. Some swim buoys also function as a dry bag to offer a storage space and GPS tracking during swimming.

As an experienced swim buoy manufacturer and wholesale supplier, we offer OEM, ODM, and other customization options for our customers. These options include:

  • Custom logo printing. We help our customers grow brand awareness by adding their private logo to the skin of the buoy.

  • Model customization. Either send your own design to us or choose a model (or a combination of models) from our product lists.

  • Custom size, color, etc. Choose a bright color from our color swatch or a pantone number. Size and other parameters can also be customized.

  • Packaging solution. We offer different packaging options to meet our clients' needs. Examples include PE bag, PVC bag, plastic box, and paper box. Logos can also be added to the packages.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the details. 

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