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Aqua Medicine Ball, Aqua Fitness Bag for Workout and Training

Durable Material: Our aqua bag is made of PVC material with soft handles, making it strong and durable.
Adjustable: You are allowed to fill up to 13L of water to our aqua bag. Determine the air-water ratio that suits you best by yourself and for yourself. The transparent skin allows you to see the water level without problems.
Convenient & Portable: When empty, our aqua bag weights only 630 grams. It folds up small enough to be put in your backpack.
Clean: Don't worry about messing up with sand nor water leakage.
Multi-functional: Train yourself the way you desire among a wide range of exercises able to be performed by our aqua bag.
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Why do we use aqua bags?

Aqua bags are alternatives for sandbags which contain water rather than sand. But unlike traditional sandbags whose contents are "fixed" sands, the water in aqua bags is flowing and so would "react" to your every movement by flowing unpredictably.

The instability of water makes training harder and more complex; it even makes every workout different. The more water you add, the heavier it becomes; the more air filled in, the more instable it is.

Product Name 17L PVC Ball-shaped Weight Training Aqua Bag
Material 1.0mm PVC
Dimension Φ30cm
Capacity 13L
Net Weight 630g

PE polybag

8 sets/CTN

MOQ 300
Carton GW 8kg
Carton Dimension 52cm x 42cm x 32cm

Strong & durable material

Adjustable weight

Portable & convenient

Easy to clean


The aqua bag is made of PVC material which completely prevent both air and water from leakage.

The water-air ratio of the aqua bag is fully adjustable and dependent on the user. Add water to up to 13 litres through the valve and fill the rest space with the air pump.

Our aqua bags can be folded to a small size. Place one in your backpack and you can start training anywhere.


We offer various customizations for our products. This ranges from printings on its body to combinations of features from different models, etc. You are free to put your logo, an indicator etc. anywhere you want, and decide the size and the material of your workout bag. The package of your order are also customizable.

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