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New 500ml Hemisphere-bottom Transparent Collapsible Long Distance Running Water Bottle TPU Soft Flask

Our soft flasks are designed to conform to the shape of your body, compressing as you drink. This means reduced sloshing and bouncing, less spillage and easier drinking.  This flexible 500ml flask compresses as you drink it to eliminate water bouncing inside and reduce sucking effort. The blaster valve helps keeping the flask leak-free until you bite it.
  • R8044
  • HoneyDryBag

Product Description

Why do we use soft flasks?
There are dozens of good reasons to stop using disposable plastic water bottles: cost, environmental impacts, health dangers like
the leaching of chemicals into your drink, etc.

It was only until recently that a product that is such convenient for long distance or trail runners has become available. Enter
in your search Collapsible Soft Flask, a compact and reusable way to stay hydrated while running or traveling. These water bottles
take up minimal space in your pack or pocket when empty, and their flexible designs shape to your hand and body, so they will
never be unwieldy when being carried.

Stow a couple in a hydration vest, carry one in your hand, or just hook a line of them to your utility belt until it looks like
you’re a well-hydrated Batman—you’ll never have to buy a single-use plastic bottle again.

Product Name
500ml TPU Trail Running Soft Flask 
0.3mm TPU Body,
 Silicone Nozzle
Net Weight
PE polybag
Carton Size
Carton Weight
GW: 11kg
Food Class TPU Material 
BPA Free 
Silicone Nozzle 


A perfect bottle to use for drinking during athletic events.


Weighted only 50 grams, an empty flask is as light as a feather.


Free of BPA, PVC, VOC, and Phthalates.

Silicone Bite Valve

Pacifier material, safe to people of all ages.


We allow various customizations for our soft flask products. This ranges from printings on its body to combinations of features from different models, etc.
You are free to put your logo, an indicator etc. anywhere you want, and decide the types of the lid, the bottom etc. of your flasks. The volumn of your flasks and the package of your order are also customizable.
For more information on customizations, please contact us directly.