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PVC Compressible Rain Barrel, Portable Rain Water Collector, Collapsible Water Storage Tank

Collects rainwater from your downpipe! 1. Water your plants with fresh rainwater. 2. Easy to assemble: no tools required! 3. Folds down for compact storage. 4. Reduce your water bills, help the environment, and improve your garden: rainwater is better for plants than tap water.
  • Material: 500D corrosion-resistant pvc fabric
  • Color: Green, blue, black, gray (other colors are customizable)
  • Volume: 50L to 750L
  • Dimension: Dependent by capacity.
  • A10001
  • HoneyDryBag

What are the benefits of rain barrels?

To save water is to save the Earth. Storing rainwater can do a great deal of good for the environment. By collecting rain water, one reduces water usage to up to 40%, saving a great amount of water as well as money. Besides, the soil, pesticides, fertilizers and other pollution brought by rains when they flow on the ground are also reduced thanks to your collection of water. Plants and landscape also benefits from rain water as it is oxygenated and free of salts, fluoride and inorganic ions.

Product Name Foldable Rain Barrel
Material 500D corrosion-resistant pvc fabric
Dimension Φ40cm x 50cm to Φ100cm x 98cm (accept customized size)
Volume 50L to 750L (See table below)
Net Weight 1080g (50L)

PE polybag

10 pcs/CTN (50L), 6 pcs/CTN (100-380L), 4 pcs/CTN (500-750L)

MOQ 200
Carton GW 12kg (50L) to 25kg (750L)
Carton Dimension 63cm*52cm*26cm (50L) to 100cm*38cm*38cm (750L)

Large and Customizable Capacity

Easy Storage and Reusable

Leakage Prevention

High Quality Material

Eco-friendly Product


The following size table are for your reference. If you want a customized dimension, please contact us directly.

Volume 50L 100L 160L 250L 380L 500L 750L
Dimension Φ40cm x 50cm Φ40cm x 78cm Φ50cm x 88cm Φ60cm x 88cm Φ70cm x 98cm Φ80cm x 98cm Φ100cm x 98cm

Capacity available from 50 liters to 750 liters, our rain barrels are highly customizable for our clients.

Our barrels are made of PVC frame and corrosion-resistant PVC mesh fabric, making them crack-free and durable. They can stand cold winter and still function as intended.

Included in the packages are support rods made of PVC, ABS outlet valves, and faucets. They can be installed easily by end users.


We manufacture and supply wholesale portable rainwater tank for business customers. Our clients are free to add their logo or other printings to the body of the rain barrels. The product sizes, colors, and other features are also customizable. OEM and ODM are both welcome.

For further information, please contact us directly.


- Our Services -

Customization Service
Logo Customization
We manufacture products printed with our customers' own logos with a variety of options available. We are also able to add customized texts or patterns to the product or package. Send us your logo if you are uncertain and our media team will show you how it looks on the products.
We provide OEM and ODM services for our customers. Please send us your design and requirements to us, and our research and development team will study it and conduct a solution for our production team to put into practice.
Feature Customization
Besides OEM and ODM, the other features like color and size are also fully customizable. We use Pantone swatches to determine the colors of our products. Please contact us for the details regarding each product.
Package Customization
We offer a wide range of packaging options. Examples include PE bag, PVC bag, plastic box, paper box, etc. The packages can also be customized with logos, texts, and patterns from our customers.
Production Capability
We offer existing and customized samples for our customer to test their designs and inspect our quality. Customized samples usually take about 7 days to manufacture and in-stock samples can be shipped immediately. The sample fee will be refunded when our customers make the bulk order.
We have a professional QC team that inspects raw materials, samples, semi-finished products and final products. An inspection report will be provided to our customers. If our customers have requirements for specific examinations, we will arrange for designated labs and deliver our samples/bulk products there for examination.
Bulk order usually takes 30 to 35 days to manufacture (longer during the Chinese New Year). We will keep our customers informed during the mass production stage. We keep track of changes in international logistics circumstances and suggest to our customers the best shipping methods depending on how urgent their orders are.
We have an aftersales team that collects feedback from our customers and deals with complaints. They work independently from other departments to convince our customers and maximize their purchase experience. Thanks to your feedback, we continuously conclude and improve our performance.

- About Us -

Established in 2004, HoneyDryBag is a professional OEM & ODM manufacturer and wholesale supplier of triathlon and outdoor equipment. 
We offer both OEM and ODM customization services to meet the various desire from our business clients, from manufacturing products based on our clients' own designs, to private labeling of our existing models with our clients' logo. We aim to bring your concepts and your demands into reality.
Best services are our competitive power. We focus on cooperating with triathlon events, trail running races, sports clubs, training schools, swimming races, e-commerce retailers, etc. to raise their brand awareness.
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q What's the MOQ (Minimal Order Quantity) for your products?

    A For our dry bags, waterproof backpacks, fitness aqua bags, and rain barrels, the MOQ is 300 pieces. For other accessories, the MOQ is 500 pieces.
  • Q Do you offer samples? How can I get your samples?

    A We can manufacture customized samples for you to inspect or send you our existing samples, both at your own expanses. The sample fare will be deducted from the total fees when you make a bulk order.
  • Q Do you offer customization services?

    A We offer both OEM and ODM service. Feel free to advise us what size, color, capacity, model, or features you want or send us your own design.
  • Q Can I have my logo on your products?

    A Yes. We can print your logo on both mass products and samples. Just send your logo to us and we will show you how it looks or produce a sample with your logo, whichever you want. 
  • Q Do you offer retail service?

    A No. We sell wholesale only.
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