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Air Camping Mat ODM Customization Case from Germany Customer

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Air Camping Mat ODM Customization Case from Germany Customer


In April 2020, a customer from Germany inquired about our inflatable camping mats.

Inquiry from a German customer to Hangzhou Dawnjoint about customized camping mats


a camping mat customization sample from Hangzhou Dawnjoint for German customer.

After several turns of discussing details of requirements, our customer decided to order two samples along with a dry bag.

customer placing sample order to Hangzhou Dawnjoint

Customer placing sample order

In addition to our customer's order, we delivered a new design we recommended to their address. The customer was happy with their qualities.

After this first success, we discussed the details of modifications, where our customer wanted to add an air pillow, an instruction book, and box them with each product. For the paper boxes, we recommended packaging with shrink films, to which our customer agreed.

customer agreeing with Dawnjoint's recommendation and asked Dawnjoint to send samples according to it

Customer agreeing with our recommendation

While our samples were awaiting tests from Germany, our customer asked us how we do the quality control, to which we replied with our detailed process. Our customer appreciated it.

customer appreciating Dawnjoint's QC system


The comfirmation sample of camping mats from Hangzhou Dawnjoint to the customer

Later, we were informed that our samples passed the quality tests. Our customer then placed their initial order and paid the deposit.

customer placing initial order

Initial order from the customer

During the production stage, we updated the status every week to our customer, which made them impressed.

customer appreciating Dawnjoint's status report and asks if the end of production date can be determined

Customer appreciating our services

Dawnjoint's factory testing the camping mats by inflating them Finally, our production was finished. We inspected our goods and sent our customer the test report. Our customer thanked our efforts and paid the remaining balance.

Customer thanks Dawnjoint for the test report

Customer replying to our test report

Dawnjoint's factory testing the camping mats by pressing them

Dawnjoint's factory finishing its tests for the camping mats

Testing and boxing our products

The camping mats being boxed

Payment comfirmation from customer

Customer payment confirmation


Our camping mats reached Germany

As the products reached Germany, our service team received the feedback sheet from our customers.

Products reached Germany

customer feedback

Shortly after, our customer placed a second order, and they shared with us their plan for the incoming years while their second order was still being manufactured.

customer's second order and new year plan

We highly appreciate the happy and friendly cooperation with our customer. Our services are continuously improving for each customer of us.

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