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Fitness Aqua Bag

Many people thought exercising means either going to a gym or buying a lot of equipment at home, yet it is actually not that complex. An Aqua bag is enough as a great workout equipment for fitness and strength training at home.

These water-filled bags, in the shape of sandbags, medicine balls, or Bulgarian bags, offer a way of lifting, loading, swinging, throwing, pushing, pulling, and rowing movements. The volume of water can be adjusted to balance the weight and instability of an aqua bag: the more water, the more weight and the less instability, and vice versa. The flow of water makes training harder and more effective than traditional sandbags. 

It is also worth noting that aqua bags are fully portable. When empty, an aqua bag can be folded to a small size. Bring one in a carry bag, go somewhere, fill it with water and air, and start workout. Click here to know more about fitness aqua bags.

As an experienced manufacturer and wholesale supplier, we offer OEM, ODM, and other customization options for our customers. You can send your own design to us, or choose a model from below and add your desired features and customizations. Feel free to contact us for detailed discussion. 

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